THE DIPSY DOODLES    –    If it gets you, you’ll be singin’ it      And we’ll bet you, you’ll be swingin’ it

The Dipsy Doodles are a dance -and performance company that is based in Ghent (Belgium). They are specializing in authentic Jazz dances from the 20’s, 30’s & 40’s, namely the Lindy Hop, Charleston and Jazz steps and Vaudeville inspired comedy.
They are 8 very energetic and loose-legged dancers, moving to the Jazz Music of musicians closer known as Benny Goodman, Sidney Bechet, Django Reinhardt, Chick Webb, just to name a few. The Jazz entertainment from the swing era comes back to life with this exciting and often comic acte-de-présence, packed up and presented with tip-top costumery and esthetics!

In the short existence of the Dipsy Doodles, they have astonished publicums all over Belgium -on streets, in theatres, on festivals, Jazz Clubs, events of all kind. People always recall their enthousiasm, and then they would smile!

Recently, they are touring the country with a street/stage act called “Swingzapoppin” where The Dipsy Doodles perform on the live hot jazz music brought by Nomad Swing, featuring two alive and kicking jazz legends Koen de Cauter and Nik Phelps. Read more about the project on

Swinginly Yours;

Anja, Els, Leni, Bara, Guillaume, Sep & Simon (The Dipsy Doodles)

Please follow us also on facebook for last updates: The Dipsy Doodles


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